Gala Information & NottsCATs Explained

Sherwood CSC is a competitive swimming Club and participates in a number of different leagues:

Notts ASA Stage 1 - 8-11 yrs (25m & 50m swims)
Notts ASA Stage 2 - 10yrs & under to Open (50m swims)
Notts ASA Stage 3 - 12yrs & under to Open (100m swims)
Notts & Derbyshire Junior League - 9-12yrs
Sports Centre League - 9yrs to Open
National Arena League - 11yrs to Open

If you're selected to swim at a gala, a team sheet will be displayed on the noticeboard and you should confirm your availability with a tick or cross at the side of your name. Warm-up times and gala locations are displayed on the team sheet and any further questions can be answered by the coaches.

At the gala, let the coaches know you've arrived and they'll tell you which events you've been selected to swim in. Stay together with the rest of the team and wear Club kit at all times.

Please check with the coaches before leaving the gala to make sure you've not got any more events.

Swimming pools can sometimes be very warm, but bring a towel and Club t shirt to wear between events and a drink & snack if necessary.

NottsCATS Explained

NottsCATS (Nottingam Categories) are a points-based system operated by the ASA designed to encourage development across multiple strokes and distances for girls under 14 and boys under 15.

In County, Regional & National competitions (and some Open Meets), swimmers accrue NottsCATS points for participating in sprint events (50m), form events (backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly), distance events (200m, 400m, 800m or 1500m) & individual medley events (100m, 200m or 400m). The individual swim that accrues the most points in each category is then used towards the overall NottsCATS score which is given at the end of the competition. Swimmers can only be considered for a NottsCATS award if they've competed in each category.

Just a final word …. a summary of NottsCATS points is usually available at regular intervals throughout a competition. However, if you find you're placed near the top, watch out for those swimmers who haven't yet competed in a certain category and leave it 'til the last session to add points to their total. You can easily find yourself slipping down the placings. It's a very fair system, but it can be cruel.

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